Connoisseur Grow A + B perfect is the high nutrient base for your Advanced Nutrients fertilizers, with which we can give the best growth to our plants and prepare it for a good flowering. Professional quality.

Connoisseur Grow A + B is a fertilizer for the growth phase, which in addition to giving the best nutrient supply to your plants, will regulate the pH of the irrigation water automatically, as it is of origin. It is a compound of several macro and micro elements, very soluble in the water that will leave no remains in the substrate (or in the pipes of your irrigation system). Completely absorbable by your plants, not accumulating the salts in the soil, your plants will always be well fed.

It is complemented with B-52 and Voodoo Juice in the growth phase to maximize its yield and get even bigger buds. With the B52 you will give your plants a complex of molecules specially designed for your plants to cope with stress of any kind accelerating their metabolism. You will also add the Voodoo Juice to the irrigation mix for growth (composed of water, Connoisseur Grow A + B and B52) during the first two weeks of life of your plants, which will help our plants have a good root system Which will absorb all the nutrients we give you.

This nutrient base has impressed scientists and growers all over the world. The incredible harvests that you can extract thanks to its elaborate subscriber tables have given a reputation to this product of excellent quality. You will save a lot of money because your crops will increase in value with a lower investment.

The price includes a container of A and another of B of the chosen capacity, if you choose from 1L you will have 1L of A and 1L of B.

Dosage and method of use of Connoisseur Grow A + B:

4ml / L of part A and 4ml / L of part B added in the irrigation water throughout the growth phase.
Replace with a flowering fertilizer when the time comes.

Composition of Connoisseur Grow A + B Ph Perfect:

Part A:

Nitrogen 4%
Calcium 3,55%
Magnesium 0.9%
Iron 0.05%
Humic acid 0.1

In addition to:

amino acids
Equilibrating compounds and pH stabilizers.

Part B:

Nitrogen 1%
Phosphorus 2%
Potassium 7%
Sulfur 1.5%
Fulvic acid
Equilibrating compounds and pH stabilizers.

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